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  • A Pre-Inspection Report is Good for Everyone

    Buyer Benefits

    • No Surprises

      Don’t get blindsided with unexpected deficiencies.

    • Save Time

      Offers, negotiations, inspections, appraisals… See the Inspection Report before all of that.

    • Save Money

      See the Inspection Report before you put down earnest money and inspection costs.

    Search for Homeswith Inspection Reports

    Seller Benefits

    • Repair Early

      Shop around for quality repairs at fair prices without the pressure of contractual timeframes.

    • Attract More Buyers

      An upfront Inspection Report is the ultimate gesture in forthrightness on the part of the seller

    • Get Better Offers

      Maximize your asking price with a clean inspection report by making repairs before getting any offers, or build the repair costs into the asking price.

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    Agent Benefits

    • Better Homes

      Repairs made ahead of time may make homes show better.

    • Less Stress

      Seller inspections reduce the need for negotiations and 11th-hour re-negotiations.

    • List with Confidence...

      …and close with confidence. Deals are less likely to fall apart, the way they often do, when buyer’s inspections unexpectedly reveal last-minute problems.

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